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14 Easy HVAC Tips

Friday, November 20 2015 8:25 AM

Overall System Tips

Seal your ducts with duct tape to prevent the loss of air due to cracks and joints in the delivery ducts.

Replace your air filters regularly (monthly) to ensure correct air pressure, improve air quality and lower your AC's energy consumption by 5% - 15%.

Program your thermostat to work around your daily schedule. A typical daily program would be dropping the temperature during the night and during the day, when you're at work and boosting the temperature right before you wake up and in the early evening when you'd be arriving home from work.

HVAC Checkups seem expensive and unnecessary, but the checkup can save you thousands by catching problems early.

Read the owner manuals and understand how your system work. This will serve you well in the general maintenance of your appliances and in the event of a break down.

When you're ready, replace your old units with high-efficiency units to ensure you're getting the most for your money. Look into government stipends and payouts for such upgrades.

Plant shade trees on the sunny side of your home to keep the summer heat off of your home and windows.

Air Conditioner

Keep your outdoor unit free of vegetation, obstruction and out of the sun. Plants and obstructions can choke the unit's air intake. Units that sit in the sun, rather than in the shade, consume 10% more energy.

Clean your outdoor unit's condenser coils with a coil cleaner solution every year to keep your coils running optimally. Clean condenser coils use up to 30% less energy than dirty coils.

Covering your windows with heavy blinds and shutters can do wonders for your home's energy consumption in the summer heat, by keeping out the sun's oppressive heat.


Learn how to Troubleshoot Your Furnace.

Do not drastically drop the temperature when you take a vacation, especially when the temperature is below freezing. This can lead to frozen pipes and loss of heater efficiency when you wish to return the temperature to a livable degree.

Insulate your attic. There is not a home in your house more poorly insulated than an empty attic. Have your attic professionally insulated to the correct R-Value to ensure you're not paying to heat that unused room. Thermal cameras are becoming commonplace and most insulation companies can provide you with a thermal image of your home's trouble areas.

Check your doors. If your exterior doors sit loosely in their frames, don't close properly or have large gaps that allow air to flow through freely, replace the weather stripping and thresholds. This will allow your home to retain its heat.

Close off the vents in the little used areas of your home, such as basements, spare bedrooms and bathrooms. This will keep you from wasting heat on 

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