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Restorative Ductwork & Repair

Restorative Ductwork & Repair

What are the signs my ducts are bad?

It is difficult to determine if your ducts are in disrepair without looking at them, however there are several major signs that, once put together, will point the finger at poor ductwork.

  • High or Spiked Seasonal Bills
  • Rooms that can't won't heat/cool
  • Poor air quality/circulation in rooms

Once you're on the trail of poor ductwork, it shouldn't take long to find separated, bent or collapsed in ducts. Start in your basement and attic, where ductwork is usually exposed as it moves into the central areas of your home, before tearing into your walls. Gaps in your ductwork not only let air escape, but pump dust and other filth into your home that would have been filtered out by your HVAC unit. At the least your room will appear stuffy, at the worst it can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.


How can I fix my ducts?

There are many ways to tackle fixing your ducts, but first you need to assess the damage. Our professionals at Bailey Brothers can help you measure the airflow and total loss through your duct system to see if an entire floor of your house has an issue or just a small branch blockage. To do so, we'll measure the static pressure of your HVAC delivery and return ducts to determine if the ducts are the real issue. We will advise you on how best to overcome the issue, inform you of the related costs and difficulty of the task ahead and let you choose how to resolve the issue.

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